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Speed up your design workflow in Sketch with this plugin & run commands directly from your keyboard. Much wow.

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Scopea bit of everything

Duration2016 - currently

This acclaimed Sketch plugin was born during the Sketch Hack Day in Hamburg and some members of the team decided to keep it alive ;) one year after and with more than 40K downloads Sketch Runner has positioned as an essential tool for many designers around world.

Runner helps you to get around Sketch quicker by giving you an intuitive interface to supercharge your daily workflow. Stop searching actions through your menu & start running commands directly from your keyboard.




If you’ve used Spotlight for Mac you alredy know how Runner works. It basically enables the user to trigger certain actions just by using the keyboard, hence removing the need to use the mouse to clickity-click around the interface. Go get it at sketchrunner.com


Read the recap of the first year of Runner written by Roy in this _[Medium post ▸_](https://medium.com/sketch-app-sources/1-year-of-sketch-runner-b4dd822d5e4d)