Find below a bunch of other projects I've been involved with. From recent & side projects to some really old stuff - just so they never get lost :)

allthemidi iOS

Finally, my first (five) iOS apps have been published in the App Store! With allthemidi you can design your own custom MIDI controllers and send MIDI messages to other apps & hardware. Check them out here.

Tante-e redesign

Tante-e helps out beginners & experience Shopify users with their online business. I helped with the redesign of brand and website. Check it out here.

Visitare Barcellona

I had the pleasure to help out with some details of the last redesign of Visitare Barcellona, a platform focused on tourist and travellers coming form Italy. Check it out here.

Acid Work

I helped the team at Acid building an atypical portfolio website with a custom grid layout. That version os the website can be found here.

Design Tools Meetups

Organising meetups at IXDS Berlin.

Setting up a hub in Berlin focused on the topic of Design Tools, with the purpose of organising meetups, hackathons and other design related events.

Fashion Designer News

Small side project to learn how to setup a news platform, similar to Designer News but for fashion design topics.

Sketch hackathon

The first Design Tools hackathon focused on Sketch plugins. Recap article with videos of all presentations available here.